In the “Rodopchanka” tavern we really appreciate the traditional home kitchen. We always try to spoil our guests with natural gastronomic delights, because we know it’s worth it.

Many of the products from which we prepare our Rhodopian dishes actually come from the mountains. Our cheese has ripened in a real cave in the Rodopi mountains, our chopped sausage is cooked in a special way, typical only for the Rodopi region.

At “Rodopchanka” you can try all the traditional dishes of the region as patatnik, rodopian apratsi, kachamak with cheese or greaves, Smiliyan beans, pork and chicken kavarma, rodopian shashlik, pork bandolier, Kapama, rodopian chicken, haidushki beans, suckling calf, rabbit in the pot and many others.

Out patatnik is cooked by an old recipe from grated potatoes, onion, salt and mint leaves. All this is mixed and baked over a slow fire. Sometimes a meat, cheese or can could be added and also savory and greaves.

The Smiliyan Beans is the beans with capital B. Unfortunately, you can hardly find a real Smiliayn Beans in the supermarket. Most of them use name as an effective marketing trick just to pick up clients, but the real Smiliyan Beans comes from the heart of the Rodopi Mountain and is grown only in the regions of the villages Smiliyan, Mogilitsa and Arda. Ours comes exactly from there. The rodopian Smiliyan Beans is cooked with very small amount of supplementary ingredients because the beans itself are very deliciuous and flavorful.

At “Rodopchanka” we pay special attention to the kavarma. Here you can taste the traditional pork or chicken kavarma baked in oven and seasoned in the most appropriate manner.

Another typical dish in our menu is the swine bandolier . We guarantee that the combination of pork, fresh thyme and chilies is an irresistible experience.

The Kapama in “Rodopchanka” is one of the dishes with which we have a really special relationship. We prepare it from sauerkraut, rice, spices – black pepper, bay leaf and garlic, different types of meat (pork, beef, karvavitsa, sausage, chicken, rabbit, etc.) and we add “checkune” (beetroot) or pickled beets .

However, if you are a true connoisseur of Rodopi cuisine, you can take advantage of our traditional dishes for pre-order – roasted piglet, roasted lamb, lamb shoulder, suckling calf, rabbit in a pot and many others.

We can talk a lot about our traditional Rodopi cuisine, but we are sure it will be better to try it on the spot at the “Rodopchanka” tavern .